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Our First Scotch Container of 2021: A Trio of Single Malt Sherry Finished Beauties at K&L California – Scotch Whisky News

Remarkable Values in Sherry Finished Scotch Exclusives
Limited Edition Expressions from Dailuaine, Blair Athol, and Mortlach

Our first Scotch container of 2021 is on its way and contains a trio of stunning sherry-aged malts that are ready to be added to your collection. First up is a 10 year old from Dailuaine, a property that has a loyal following among our customers, which also means this single malt has a limited window of availability. With body and character that stands up to the sherry influence, no wonder our customers are always clamoring for more. Next up is the “take no prisoners” 2009 Blair Athol 12 year old. With balance and weight in one sublime bottling, this is a Scotch that should make one sit up and take note. The last of our trio is known as the beast of Dufftown—Mortlach’s 12 year old is rich, meaty, and hearty, making it the perfect foil to a sherry finish. It’s a pronounced spirit that you just can’t ignore. Any or all of these malts will be prized by the Scotch lovers among us, and we recommend scooping them up before they inevitably sell out.

2010 Dailuaine 10 Year Old “Sovereign” K&L Exclusive Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) (Pre-Arrival) ($54.99)

Sherried Dailuaine has been a fan favorite at K&L for years, and we’ve sold 16 different bottlings over the last decade. Given the long-standing relationship many of our customers have with these bottlings, we don’t foresee this being around long. A classic Diageo distillery, Dailuaine has a sizable capacity upwards of 5 million liters a year yet is rarely seen as an official release. Stylistically, it sits somewhere between Clynelish and Blair Athol—it shows both a waxy character associated with the former and an inherent sherry-ness associated with the later. This makes it a perfect candidate to stand up to a big ol’ sherry butt in just a matter of 10 years. The price-to-quality ratio makes it one of the best deals of the year.

2009 Blair Athol 12 Year Old “Sovereign” K&L Exclusive Single Sherry Butt Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) (Pre-Arrival) ($59.99)

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Signatory Vintage Mortlach 11YO sherry butt finish Cask #6 at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

Signatory Vintage Mortlach 11YO sherry butt finish Cask #6 at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

May 18th, 2021

Signatory Vintage

Mortlach 11 Year Old

16 month sherry fresh sherry butt finish. Cask #6 bottled April 2021 at 57.8%.

Mortlach 11 Year Old 2010 vintage Speyside single malt Scotch whisky. Single first fill sherry butt #16 bottled April 2021 by Signatory Vintage for the Cask Strength Collection. 697 numbered bottles.

Mortlach Distillery was established in 1823 on the banks of the River Dullan in the Speyside whisky region. Mortlach is equipped with wooden worm tubs, six stills of assorted shapes and sizes and three spirit safes in order to run a unique two and a half times or partial triple distillation process. Official bottling of Mortlach single malt are few, however, independent bottlers recognise the great quality of Mortlach whisky particularly following long maturation in sherry casks. Gordon & MacPahil released a stunning bottling of 70 year old Mortlach single cask malt whisky distilled in 1938 and matured in a single sherry hogshead until bottling in 2009.

Shop – Mortlach 11 Year Old

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ralfy review 876 Extras – GlenDronach P.R. have been in touch ! – Scotch Whisky News

ralfy review 876 Extras – GlenDronach P.R. have been in touch !

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Tasting Craft Stouts from Half Time Beverage

Half Time Beverage is the self-proclaimed largest online retailer of craft beer. It’s not just the operator of two stores in New York’s Hudson Valley — featuring more than 4000 beer and cider selections — it’s also an online merchant, happily shipping brews directly to the doors of the very thirsty.

Sadly, Half Time Beverage is about 3000 miles away from Drinkhacker HQ, so we had them ship a half-dozen selections our way to sample some of the rarities and oddities that are available in its aisles. (What we got were all monster milk stouts, pastry stouts, or similar.) If any of these brews sound good to you, the link to buy any of them can be found at the bottom of the review. (All were poured from 16 oz. cans.) For pricing… check with Half Time.

Gun Hill Brewing PB & Void – From Bronx, NY, this is Gun Hill’s Void of Light Stout, plus natural peanut butter flavors. Really odd, with a strong peanut note hit on the nose, though it makes much less of an impact on the palate. Coffee grounds, gunpowder, and peppery cloves all give the ultra-black beer a massive punch, and despite a lack of any sweetness and a surprising level of acidity, it never comes across as overwhelming. 7.9% abv. B

Omnipollo Daidalos – From New Haven, CT: “Double almond, double chocolate, double coffee Imperial stout.” This is an ultra-rich, rather syrupy experience that pours molten coffee and chocolate syrup into a swirl of crushed almonds, giving the whole thing a sort of Ferrero Rocher experience, with a mocha served on the side. There’s a decent level of carbonation here, which surprises, as does a fair amount of bitterness lingering on the finish. Fun stuff. 12% abv. A-

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Gaston Martinez, Handcrafted Agave Spirit Producer,Founder & CEO of IZO Mezcal, Zoom Interviewed for The DotCom Magazine

The DotCom Magazine Entrepreneur Spotlight Show
The DotCom Magazine Exclusive Zoom Interview
The DotCom Magazine Exclusive Entrepreneur Spotlight Series
The DotCom Magazine Entrepreneur Spotlight Series

Gaston Martinez, Handcrafted Agave Spirit Producer,Founder & CEO of IZO Mezcal, Zoom Interviewed for The DotCom Magazine

The DotCom Magazine Entrepreneur Spotlight Show

The DotCom Magazine Exclusive Zoom Interview

The DotCom Magazine Exclusive Entrepreneur Spotlight Series

The DotCom Magazine Entrepreneur Spotlight Series

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Overcome, Uniquely Formulated CBD Brand, Donates 1% Of Sales To Lyme Disease Research & Education

Overcome, a uniquely formulated CBD brand tailored to support mood, joint discomfort, and fatigue, will donate 1% of sales to Lyme Disease research & education.

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Although May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month,Overcomedonates the same percentage of their sales year round.

Overcome, a uniquely formulated CBD brand tailored to support mood, joint discomfort, and fatigue, will donate 1% of their sales to Lyme Disease research and education in 2021.

This marks the third year in a row that Overcome will donate 1% of sales towards the fight against Lyme.

“Although May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, we knew we wanted to do more than just make a token, one-time donation during a single month,” said Overcome’s Chief Executive Officer, Annie Rouse.

A former Fulbright scholar, Rouse was inspired to start Overcome after her Lyme diagnosis. After she was bitten by a tick while climbing in the Canadan Rockies, Lyme threatened to derail her fast-paced lifestyle of surfing, snowboarding, and entrepreneurship.

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The China Challenge: Chinese food and beverage brands could soon muscle in on NZ's premium exports

… export category of food and beverage – one of the sponsors at …

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Review: KÖE Kombucha Sparkling Beverages

KÖE Organic Kombucha Mango

Back in the day when we ran the semi-daily news bulletin Drinkhacker Reads, we reported on an article featured in the New York Times discussing such trends as gluten-free beer, non alcoholic alternatives, and kombucha starting to take hold with the more health conscious among us, author excluded. Fast forward six years and we’ve managed to subvert most of the trends of the time (shout-out to flavored vodkas), but kombucha remains. And here we have KÖE.

KÖE proudly pronounces itself as the only kombucha-based sparkling beverage which is fruit-forward, USDA organic, and packed with probiotics for everyone wishing to enjoy a healthy, flavorful beverage. It’s also non-alcoholic and contains 15 mg of caffeine from green coffee beans for a boost of energy.

That’s swell. But how does it taste? We sampled the entire core range; here we review and rate them from best to worst.

KÖE Organic Kombucha Mango – After having consumed an entire can of the Blueberry Ginger (more on this in just a second), I was ready to call it a career on reviewing beverages. However, this vindicated KÖE and got me back in the game. Lucky you. The sweetness heightens the flavor of the mango, and with it being the sole flavor ingredient (besides the kombucha) really shines. Easily the best of the bunch. A-

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Adora POS' Inventory Management System Helps Restaurants Keep Track of Inventory


An industry leader in restaurant POS solutions has a one-of-a-kind inventory tracking system.

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Representatives with Adora POS announced today that its Inventory Management System helps restaurants keep track of their inventory.

“We are very excited about this,” said Kevin Wendland, President and spokesperson for Adora POS.

Wendland explained that the key features of Adora POS’ Inventory Management System give restaurants the ability to assess inventory across locations; manage multiple vendors and stay on top of inventory over time.

“Our centralized inventory database allows you to count inventory by list or location, as well as transfer items between stores,” Wendland said, before adding, “Chain-wide vendors lists mean you can receive the same item from different vendors with no added stress.

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Jancyn helps to promote your products and services with the Upsell


Shall I make that 2 scoops?

When your employees interact with guests, this is the perfect opportunity to promote your products and encourage consumers to purchase complimentary items.

ALAMEDA, CA, USA, May 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In the world of business, the phrase “There’s no second chance to make a good first impression” rings true for most business owners. Similarly, you may not get a second chance to upsell your products or package deals. When your front line personnel, such as servers or clerks, interact with guests, this is the perfect opportunity to promote your products and encourage consumers to purchase complimentary items. Asking needs based questions allows customer facing staff to make suggestions for an additional purchase.

Another companion skill to the upsell is the concept of the cross-sell. This amounts to recommending to consumers complementary items to their original purchase. Whereas an upsell may mean making the small order of fries a large order of fries, cross-selling is also suggesting matching earrings with the necklace or taking a whole pie to go. In any of these scenarios, the end result is a boost to the company bottom line.

As part of any new employee orientation and training, upselling should be a key proficiency taught to the trainee. There is a certain skill to making the upsell and cross-sell suggestions to consumers both helpful and casual. Customers tend to shy away from pushy salespeople and gravitate towards the employee they feel has their best interest at heart. As the upsell occurs, the associate should provide a pleasant experience while still offering them a deal that cannot be resisted. And in fact, it should be the case the patron does come away with a better value with their additional purchase.

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Samuel Adams-maker to launch cannabis beverages subsidiary in Canada

… into the Canadian cannabis beverages market. THE CANADIAN PRESS … for non-alcoholic cannabis beverages. The subsidiary will help … increasingly interested in cannabis beverages in recent years with … joint venture called Truss Beverage Co. and Constellation Brands …

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Urban South - HTX Introduces New Line of Nonalcoholic Beverages


Placebo Effect series will be available on draft only at the Houston taproom

Having an exciting non-alcoholic option that is just as creative and delicious as our beer options ensures that everyone feels welcome and is excited to join us at Urban South.”

— Angela Gabelman, Urban South Brewery

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, May 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ --Urban South - HTXis excited to introduce the “Placebo Effect” series of experimental non-alcoholic beverages available to guests of its taproom. The new line will feature small batches of carbonated, fruited beverages containing no alcohol and no gluten. Past flavors have included Coconut Delight, Marshmallow Lemonade and the most recent Watermelon Dragon Fruit Slush. Beverages in the Placebo Effect series are available in limited quantities on draft only at the Sawyer Yards taproom.

“Angela, one of our brewers here at Urban South, is the mastermind behind this new series,” said Dave Ohemer, General Manager of Urban South - HTX. “We noticed an increasing number of our guests were non-alcohol drinkers who still wanted to visit the brewery with friends and family for the atmosphere or to enjoy some of our local food options. Our brewing team is excited for the opportunity to experiment with some of the ingredients we use in our fruited sours and create an option for this growing audience. We’ve received great feedback so far and look forward to continuing to develop the Placebo Effect series.”

Beverages in the Placebo Effect series are inspired by Urban South - HTX’s popular Spilled series, a line of heavily fruited sour beers featuring fresh seasonal fruit. Similar to beers in the Spilled series, fans can expect a smoothie-like sip with a juicy finish from beverages in the Placebo Effect series, without the alcohol.

“We want to continue to create an inclusive experience for all of our guests,” said Angela Gabelman, creator of the Placebo Effect series. “Having an exciting non-alcoholic option that is just as creative and delicious as our beer options ensures that everyone feels welcome and is excited to join us at Urban South.”

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Small Pastured Meats Business Gaining Traction

Greener Grazing Inc. based in Gorrie, Ontario is expanding in 2021.

GORRIE, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Greener Grazing Inc. is a small business based in Gorrie, a small town in the heart of the beautiful agricultural community of south-western Ontario. The business was started in 2015 (although not under the name of Greener Grazing Inc.) when Josh Bauman of Gorrie started marketing some pasture raised beef directly to consumers. "It started with two head," says Josh, the owner of the company, "and kind of expanded from there."

In 2021, Greener Grazing aims to market over 25 cattle to local consumers who care about the quality of food they eat. They are focusing on both grass finished beef and grain assist beef, while also starting to market pastured pork. These types of meats have really started to gain popularity in the last couple of years. People are starting to experience the superior quality of meat products raised in the natural outdoor environment. And people keep coming back for more.

"Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance," Josh explains, "We aim to only sell the best products, and if someone isn't satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee."

To learn more about the company, you can visit their website @ greenergrazing.ca

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MCO takeaway: Taman Tun Dr Ismail's Tata Pies with an exceptional buttery shortcrust pastry are a treat

The lady pineapple pie from Tata Pies has a golden top from the use of the sauce. – Pictures by Lee Khang Yi Subscribe to our Telegram channel for the latest updates on news you need to know. KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 — Nothing beats a really good pie for …

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Old Salt Merchants Launches Cause Spice Kit To Benefit No Kid Hungry

Old Salt Merchants has teamed up with No Kid Hungry to help end childhood hunger.

BERKELEY, CA, USA, May 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Old Salt Merchants, a premium sugar, salt, tea, and spice purveyor, has teamed up with No Kid Hungry to launch an exclusive spice blend gift set. $10 from the purchase of each cause kit will be donated to fighting childhood hunger.

“Our company’s mission is to enhance the food and cooking experience for all families, but we are also a small business that has made giving back to the community a top priority,” says Founder and CEO, Monique Rodriguez. “We’re very proud to partner with No Kid Hungry to help fight childhood hunger and to ensure that one in six kids facing a food shortage are fed – both during the pandemic and in the recovery to follow.”

The box contains six, 1.2 ounce jars of uniquely curated spice blends including:
● Soleil Red Clay Salt is mesmerizing in color with deep shades of red and bold in flavor. This salt has a high amount of natural minerals which is found in the red volcanic clay.
● Espresso Bean Sugar is a perfect pantry ingredient and a delicious pick-me-up. Made with Italian espresso beans and African cane sugar, the robust sugar is ideal for baking, in tea, or on the rim of a cocktail.
● Tokyo Togarashi also known as Japanese 7 spice, is a blend made with brown sugar, Ichimi Togarashi chili, sesame seeds, ginger, black sesame seeds, roasted seaweed, chili, kosher salt, and orange peel.
● Confetti Pepper Blend brings a mix of 5 peppercorns including white peppercorn, black peppercorn, whole allspice, green peppercorn, and pink peppercorn. A versatile mix that looks like confetti in a bottle.
● Capri Blend is made with garlic, sea salt, sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary, fennel seed, lemon peel, black pepper, chili. and citric acid. This is the perfect seasoning for vegetables, salads, pork, steak, lamb, fish, and even tofu.
● Extra Bold Smoked Salt is the ultimate all-natural sea salt smoked with pecan, red oak, cherry, alder, maple, mesquite, and apricot wood. Smoky and delicious.

The cause kit is available now and can be purchased at oldsaltmerchants for $58. The $10 donation from the cause kit will provide up to 100 healthy meals to children.

For more information about Old Salt Merchants, visit their website. You can also find Old Salt Merchants on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Saint Benevolence clairin launches in UK

A new Haitian clairin that is giving back to its Caribbean country is launching in the UK market this month.

Saint Benevolence was founded by Calvin and Chase Babcock as a way to merge their passion for rum with their charitable work. As such, they have committed to sending 100 per cent of the profits to support charity work in Haiti and will be working closely with nonprofit partners including Innovating Health International Ti Kay and Living Hope Haiti.

The clairin is produced by third-generation distillers of the spirit, using indigenous sugar cane clones grown around Saint Michel de l'Attalaye. It is single-batch distilled in a biomass-fuelled pot still which uses sugar cane bagasse as fuel.

Tasting notes supplied by Saint Benevolance say the clairin has prominent notes of wasabi and white pepper with touches of green banana and green olive and a hint of smoke on the nose. As well as serving the spirit neat, Saint Benevolence says it can be mixed in classic rum cocktails such as a Mojito or Daiquiri.

Saint Benevolence is being distributed in the UK through sugar cane spirit specialists Skylark Spirits. Its launch follows the introduction of a new clairin to the Spirit of Haiti range, Clairin Sanson.

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Guala Closures releases 10th sustainability report

Guala Closures Group is meeting or exceeding many of its environmental impact reduction goals, according to its latest sustainability report.

Its 10th annual sustainability report, covering 2020, showed that despite the Covid-19 pandemic the company managed to hit targets in areas such as carbon footprint levels, eco-design guidelines and increased use of recycled materials, as well as introducing a diversity and inclusion charter.

Franco Bove, COO of Guala Closures, said: "In a year when the global pandemic presented many challenges on every front, the group never lost its focus on the important, long-term sustainability goals it set itself.

"I can report that in all aspects of the business, the company continues to meet these targets and looks forward to 2021 with the confidence that it can do even better."

Among the milestones that Guala Closures Group has reached so far are:

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Cannabis in Wine Country

Since the passing of California Proposition 64 in 2016, which legalized the commercial and recreational growing of cannabis, many farmers are moving to the Golden State’s top winegrowing regions to cultivate the cash-crop. While some winegrowers are unbothered by the rise in cannabis farming, many others are worried that they have to compete with the cannabis industry for water, tourism, harvest labor and market share. The latest issue of Wine Spectator explores the varying sentiments and regulatory approaches in Santa Barbara, Napa, Sonoma, Monterey and Mendocino counties.

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Estrella Damm debuts new paperboard packaging

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Au Bon Climat’s Jim Clendenen, Colorful Santa Barbara Pioneer, Dies at 68

Jim Clendenen, who brought a love of Burgundy to his groundbreaking Santa Barbara winery Au Bon Climat and helped put the region on the world winemaking stage, died in his sleep the night of May 15 at his home in the Los Alamos district near the town of Buellton, Calif. He was 68.

Clendenen was a tireless proponent and guiding light for Santa Barbara wines from his base in the cool-climate Santa Maria Valley in the northern reaches of the county. His Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from a variety of vineyard sources helped set the quality bar high for the region’s wines. He was also a frequent traveler to restaurants and wineries throughout the world, spreading the gospel of Santa Barbara wines and Burgundian varietals in California.

In this guise, he was an iconoclast in his early career, and a force of nature in his joie de vivre. Clendenen was a legendary cook and often greeted visitors with large lunches and overflowing wine at his utilitarian winery on a corner of the famed Bien Nacido Vineyard, which he helped champion.

“There's no way to overemphasize his importance to the Santa Barbara County wine industry. A pioneer in every possible definition of the word. He was fearless, flamboyant and a never-tiring voice for Santa Barbara wine and California wine in general,” said fellow Santa Barbara vintner Brian Loring of Loring Wine Company.

“He broke down barriers and shined a light around the world for Santa Barbara,” said Greg Brewer of Brewer-Clifton winery. “So many projects down here are variations of what he wanted to do. He transformed Santa Barbara from a source of anonymous fruit for others to a main player on the world stage. For the better part of four decades he was a champion in that regard and we’ve been riding in his wake.”

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