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Review: One Eight Distilling Untitled Whiskey No. 17

One Eight Distilling Untitled Whiskey No. 17

Drew Beard May 15, 2021

Washington, D.C.’s One Eight Distilling is out with another edition in their Untitled whiskey line, No. 17. Fans of the brand may be wondering how No. 17 was released after last year’s No. 18. No, distiller Alex Laufer isn’t bad at math (I don’t think). When asked, he told me there was no good reason why they chose to release No. 17 now. It’s been a year, folks, so we’ll consider that a perfectly acceptable answer. As for the makeup of this release, Untitled No. 17 is a combination of 10-year-old wheated bourbon finished in rum (three different kinds), Calvados, and Cognac casks and a 14 year old high-rye bourbon finished in an Amontillado sherry butt. That sounds like quite the marriage of flavors. Let’s dig in!

The nose on this whiskey is deep and sultry, with savory notes of worn leather, old books, and antique furniture accented with a bit of golden raisin and bitter dark fruit, bordering on aromatized wine. There’s lots of damp basement here, but in a good way. It’s soulful and complex. The palate is rich with stewed red fruits, both sweet and sour, alongside a bit of tinned orchard fruit. Clove-studded orange and berry compote ad brightness, while a contrasting bit of baking chocolate and light roast coffee bean introduce richness and a touch a taste-bud puckering astringency. All those different cask finishes have really come together in a unique and surprisingly harmonious way to offer a whiskey that is quite wine-forward yet still retains the spice, sweetness, and sizeable body of the underlying spirit. The finish is generous and smoldering with berry pie, a bit of sweet pipe tobacco, and more of that bittersweet balance, almost reminiscent of a fine whiskey cocktail. One of my favorite Untitled releases to date.

115.8 proof.

A / $80 / oneeightdistilling.com

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Coca-Cola to discontinue one of its beverages in North America

… even promoted its then-new beverage during the broadcast of … were among the fastest-growing beverage categories in the country, … customers were hesitant to try beverages from “unfamiliar brands.” “We’ … owns a stake in Monster Beverage, the makers of Monster …

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Review: Indeed Brewing Flavorwave IPA and Mexican Honey Light Lager

Indeed Brewing Company Mexican Honey Light

Rob Theakston May 15, 2021

Minneapolis comes correct once again. Any city which can stake claim to Mary Richards, Prince, Michael Cina, and Rod Carew gets a massive thumbs up from this fella. Expectations for these Indeed Brewing releases were high, to be held at this same level of excellence of notable residents both real and fictional. We received two beers for consideration. Let’s see if either of them turn the world on.

Indeed Brewing Company Flavorwave IPA – Aesthetically hitching its wagon to the Vaporwave music trend, Indeed’s IPA does not flex towards trendiness, nor does it recycle anything from decades past. Flavorwave stays well within the boundaries of a classic, fruity IPA: surprisingly clear and brilliantly gold in color, with a giant burst of grapefruit and peach on the nose. On the palate there’s a heavy dose of tropical and citrus: pineapple, mild guava, and ripe peach that never gets too complicated or hop-heavy. There’s a little bit of malt on the finish, but it only serves to complement the fruit-heavy notes of passionfruit and grapefruit that are long and lingering. This could be one to have at the ready all summer long. 6.2% abv. A-

Indeed Brewing Company Mexican Honey Light – This is very much as advertised. A light orange, nearly copper pour with a little bit of haze that is sweet honey and citrus on the nose. This runs straight through the palate and finish, where it’s all orange and honey with a good measure of bread and malt influence somewhere in between. It is quite light and easy drinking, making it both easy on the waistline and taste buds. However, it makes me most curious to experience the non-Light iteration to experience the brew’s full punch. Not exactly a Sign O’ The Times or Purple Rain-level of housequake, but not Carmen Electra’s solo album or 20Ten either. 5.2% abv. B [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

each $11 per six-pack of 12 oz. cans / indeedbrewing.com

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Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines bringing back flight snacks, beverages WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta

… has brought back snacks and beverages, including new options, for domestic … flyers looking for an adult beverage, pre-prepared and canned old … in bringing back food and beverages even better as more customers …

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Thai Beverage Posts HY Profit Attributable 14.40 Bln Baht

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Jigawa: Hisbah confiscated 308 bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages, suspects flee

The Jigawa State Hisbah Command said it had confiscated 308 bottles of assorted alcoholic drinks in Gumel Local Government Area of the state. Malam Ibrahim Dahiru, the Hisbah Commander, made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Dutse on …

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Wine coffee from Sumatra? You must try it says island native turned entrepreneur


I had a hard time finding coffee that had the special flavors that I used to drink in Aceh, so I decided to bring my own specialty coffee to Seattle.”

— Cintha Putri

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Seattle coffee lovers will soon be able to fill their cups with new choices for gourmet coffee that have never been tasted in America before. Since moving from Indonesia to Seattle, local entrepreneur Cintha Putri has missed savoring the rich coffee flavors she’d enjoyed in her home province of Aceh, Sumatra. For the past year Putri has worked to find and secure fair trade deals with a women-owned coop in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia to bring those memorable coffee flavors to her new home. Cintha Putri is ready to give Seattle and coffee lovers everywhere a coffee experience that it’s never enjoyed before!

On her inspiration for building her new company, Putri Coffee, Cintha Putri said, “I had a hard time finding coffee that had the special flavors that I used to drink in Aceh, so I decided to bring my own specialty coffee to Seattle. I want to share the smooth, Arabica coffee I had enjoyed in Aceh and the island of Sumatra with other coffee connoisseurs.”

Putri Coffee offers two highly unique coffees. The first is wild luwak coffee, one of the rarest types of coffee in the world. The coffee beans are harvested from the droppings of wild civets that visit the farms and eat the coffee cherries. The selective behavior of the cat-like animals, as well as the processing of the beans through their digestive systems, gives luwak coffee an exceptionally smooth taste.

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Review: Milam & Green Port Finished Rye and Single Barrel Bourbon

Milam & Greene Port Finished Rye

Drew Beard May 15, 2021

Last year, we took a look at Milam & Greene’s Triple Cask Bourbon, a blend of sourced stocks and the distillery’s own bourbon distilled in Blanco, Texas. That younger, in-house bourbon is also now its own limited release, dubbed Distillery Edition, but the rest of the broader Milam & Greene portfolio relies heavily on sourced whiskey, primarily Tennessee bourbon and Indiana Rye, which are aged and finished in the harsh Texas environment. We received two samples of their single barrel bourbon and a Port-finished rye for review. Thoughts follow.

Milam & Greene Port Finished Rye – Since this is distilled in Indiana, we can assume it’s MGP rye. No information is available as to the specific finishing casks or the duration of finishing, although it is reportedly a batched product, so both may vary. The nose is subtle, but there’s a nice balance of sweet dark fruits and spicy, herbal rye. Notes of black pepper and ripe berries are accented with a touch of smoky barbecue sauce. On the palate, that balance continues with an even, gentle heat and a mix of mesquite smoke, stewed berries, and peppery burnt ends. The finish is generous and drying with tart, winey tannins, but that just keeps me dipping back into the glass. 94 proof. A- / $43 [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

Milam & Greene Single Barrel Straight Bourbon (Cask 370) – The nose here is burly and earthy with notes of boiled peanuts, pecans shells, and firewood. As it opens, a slight praline sweetness emerges, alongside more drying oak and some new leather. On the whole though, things stay rather savory. The palate is light with some welcome sweetness in the form of caramel candies, cinnamon sugar, and a bit of candied apple. For the modest proof, there’s still a nice smoldering heat reaching into the medium length finish, accented with pie spice and dried apples. 86 proof. B / $55 [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

Milam & Greene Single Barrel Straight Bourbon (Cask 335) – The aroma on this single barrel is less leathery and oak-driven, but it’s still on the drier side with peanut shells and some sawdust. As it opens, things sweeten with a bit of raw honey and a watery touch of butterscotch. On the palate, candy corn and some biting oak up front make give things a youthful edge. The mid-palate is a rather indistinguishable mix of baking spice and vanilla riding a thin, almost soupy, mouthfeel. The heat is softer as well, with a shorter finish and quickly fading notes of caramel and cherry candies. 86 proof. B- / $55 [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

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Jigawa: Hisbah confiscates 308 bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages, suspects flee

The Jigawa State Hisbah Command said it had confiscated 308 bottles of assorted alcoholic drinks in Gumel Local Government Area of the state. Malam Ibrahim Dahiru, the Hisbah Commander, made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria in Dutse on Saturday. …

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We are welcoming visitors into our world-famous distilleries once again, following their temporary closure in January earlier this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In line with Scottish government guidelines, whisky lovers can now enjoy outdoor guided tastings at The Glenlivet and Strathisla visitor centres, whilst visitors to Aberlour distillery can purchase whiskies from its on-site shop from this week. 

In addition to learning about the craftsmanship behind some of Chivas Brothers’ world renowned whiskies, Scotch enthusiasts will be able to purchase their favourite blends and single malts from the shops at each site.  

Each site has been equipped with extensive health and safety measures to ensure visitors can take part in the adapted tasting experiences, operating with clear social distancing, increased cleaning procedures and at a reduced capacity across the sites.  

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Glen Scotia 25 Year Old – World’s Best Whisky 2021 at Loch Fyne Whiskies – Scotch Whisky News

May 15th, 2021

Restock of award-winning Glen Scotia 25 Year Old!

This Glen Scotia has been matured in American oak casks for a quarter of a century before being hand-selected by the distillery’s Master Blender, Michael Henry, to be married in first-fill bourbon casks for up to a year before bottling. Bottled at 48.8% ABV, free from chill-filtration and artificial colouring, this is a smooth and refined Campbeltown single malt with an exceptional mouthfeel. Liquid gold! Maybe you tried to purchase a bottle last time around and were not quick enough – well now you’re in luck! A limited restock has arrived at Loch Fyne, so don’t hesitate if you want to get your hands on a bottle of this incredible single malt whisky.

Last month at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Glen Scotia 25 Year Old was awarded the highest accolade of ‘Best in Show’. With around 3800 entrants Glen Scotia came out on top and are proud to be labelled as the current best whisky in the world – not bad eh?

Glen Scotia
25 Year Old


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Cosmic hum? Could this be space whisky?  Voyager 1 Dalmunach at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

Cosmic hum? Could this be space whisky? �€ Voyager 1 Dalmunach at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

May 15th, 2021

Further than anyone or anything in history

Voyager 1 Dalmunach

4.1 billion miles away from Earth, NASA has revealed Voyager 1 has picked up a ‘cosmic hum’… could this be a signal from bottle #1 of The Grant Tour series?

Selling fast… don’t miss out on this fascinating discovery!

Dalmunach 5 Year Old 2015 – Voyager 1

The Voyager space probes launched from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in 1977 and continue to communicate with earth today. Voyager 1 is 14.1 billion miles away has detected a new cosmic “hum” in interstellar space.

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society ‘GET INTO THE SPIRIT OF SPEYSIDE’ – Scotch Whisky News


May 15th, 2021

Our favourite Scottish whisky festivals may have been postponed or cancelled this year, but the Society are still celebrating these iconic whisky regions with our unique festival bottlings. Today we’re bringing you three eclectic drams from Speyside which will transport you straight to the heart of whisky country.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these special bottles, why not try it alongside Vic Galloway’s suggested music pairings, and truly bring the spirit of Speyside festival home?



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Whisky Magazine Issue #174 OUT NOW – Whisky Magazine News

May 15th, 2021

New issue out NOW

The latest edition of Whisky Magazine, issue #174, is out now!

We’ve got a brilliant assortment of features, interviews and tastings for you to get stuck into – but this issue’s slightly more special than usual. That’s right, the winners of the 2021 global Whisky Magazine Awards have now been revealed, comprising the Icons of Whisky, the World Whiskies Awards, and our latest Hall of Fame inductee!

For the first time ever, all our winners were announced in a virtual ceremony online. Simply head to our Facebook page or Youtube channel where you can rewatch our livestream.

We hope you enjoy this issue!

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Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 385: Caol Ila 9 Year Old 2010 WhiskySponge – Scotch Whisky News

May 15th, 2021

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 385: Caol Ila 9 Year Old 2010 WhiskySponge

We know WhiskySponge mostly from the wonderfully satrical blog in which he truly mocks everyone in the world of whisky. It comes as no surprise that the inimitable strong man behind the blog – Angus McRaild – finally brings whisky to the market himself. And the labels are fantastic: each and every one a hilarious cartoon. In the case of this young Caol Ila we see the Jedi Lord Sponge attacking an X-Wing piloted by an individual named Dave Bowman. If you have no idea what this is all about, nae worries. If you do  then you might, like Mark – certainly after reading the tasting notes on the back label – wet yourself a little bit with laughter. But for now, let’s focus on the contents of the bottle: a 9 years old Caol Ila.


(Originally posted by admin)

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Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (TBVPF) Management on Q2 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

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Reference ID:

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Make southern Thai massaman curry... and get memories you can always savour

A comforting bowl of Thai massaman curry, full of spicy and nutty notes. — Pictures by CK Lim Subscribe to our Telegram channel for the latest updates on news you need to know. KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 — On rainy evenings (which has been the pattern of late), …

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Review: Lagunitas StereoHopic IPA Vol. 1

Lagunitas StereoHopic IPA Vol. 1

Christopher Null May 14, 2021

The StereoHopic Series is a new endeavor from Lagunitas, an ongoing line of special release beers that will each feature a pair of hop varietals, to see if something magical happens when these hops appear in combination. First out of the gate with Vol. 1 is a beer made with suddenly popular plus the always reliable Mosaic hops.

Let’s taste.

Despite the reputation of both of the hops strains in this mix, this isn’t the most thrilling of IPAs, a rather ruddy, mushroomy beer that has a somewhat doughy, earthy composition, coming across as almost muddy at times. The purported tropical/fruity notes of Nelson Sauvin don’t really show at all here, though there’s a spritz of lemon peel up front that gives the beer a bit of life. I liked this less and less as I sipped on my sample bottle.

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Treasure By the Sea in Jalisco Mexico Declared "Best Resort for Social Distancing 2021”

Cabana with Cactus
Sunset View

Breathless View

Cabana room with 400 year old Cactus

Sunset from the deck

Declaration by Best of Banderas Bay news website, Best of Banderas Bay is a website dedicated to bringing the best to travelors

Treasure by the Sea Resortwill Awaken the soul”

— Neil G.

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Campari Group Launches Rare Super-premium Division

The Campari Group has created a new Rare Division to will focus on Campari Group’s super-premium and above offering.  The New York-based incubator division will be led by Julka Villa, who will retain her role as global strategic marketing spirits managing director, and will operate distinct from Campari America under the direct aegis of the Group CMO. 

Rare aims to unlock and accelerate the growth potential  of a select range of super-premium and above brands and individual expressions in the U.S. market, by creating a bespoke business and brand building model. The division will pilot across an ensemble of brands including Champagne, Cognac, rum, bourbon, single malt Scotch and white spirits. Rare will kick-off in June with the relaunch of the Cognac brand Bisquit & Dubouché, and later in the year, the group’s first French Champagne acquisition, Lallier fine Champagne.

The program will launch in the U.S. beginning with a select number of states where the premium plus and super-premium business is concentrated. In the first year, the Rare division will concentrate on California, Texas, and Florida to develop a specific company approach on brand equity building and route-to-market for other markets to adopt and implement in the future. 

The post Campari Group Launches Rare Super-premium Division first appeared on Cheers.
Original author: Melissa Dowling

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