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Why DrinkedIn will save the world...

LinkedIn is a perfect example of a high-stress website. There are people on LinkedIn who's entire existence is accumulating contacts (friends, connections, followers, etc). I saw one who claimed that he has > 15,000 contacts. Really - does anyone really know that many people? It's hard enough to know oneself and even have good relationships with a handful of people. Being simply acquainted with a couple of hundred people is really difficult... >15,000? Give me a break...

On the other hand, DrinkedIn (https://drinkedin.net) is all about stress relief. It's about kicking back and saying "the hell with all this networking..." - not that DrinkedIn doesn't have networking features - but the point is not finding the next job or business deal - it's all about finding a good beer or discussing why you like Highland region Scotch over Islay malts (as per my own opinion).

Think of DrinkedIn as LinkedIn's Happy Hour...

So... save the world... invite all your friends to DrinkedIn - not for business dealings, not for job advancement or any other stress related activity. Just for fun and enjoying life.

Haim Barad
CBO of DrinkedIn.net ("Cheif Bartending Officer")

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Go Saints!!!

On the eve of the NFC Championship game, you can see that the city is gearing up for some big-ass bonfire once the Saints are victorious and heading to the Super Bowl.

There's gonna be some drinking on Bourbon St. tonight!!!


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Had a new scotch today - Bruichladdich (pronounced brook laddie)

Don't you just love it when you get to try a new scotch and it's really good. Hasn't happen to me for a while, but after getting my first dram of bruichladdich (14 year old french oak cask non chill filtered 46%)  I can definitely recommend it and will be looking out for it next time I'm in duty free (time to find an excuse for a business trip methinks ...)

I just checked out their website and they've webcams all over the distillery, they've even got the times up as to what happens when. neat - like how I drink my scotch ...


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Research confirms that drinking gives you the same benefits yoga does !!!

Many thanks to a friend who sent me this interesting research.


Position that brings the sensation of peace and calm.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This position calms the brain and heals tired legs.


Position stimulates the midirift area and the spinal comumn.


Excellent for back pain and insomnia.


Excellent for the shoulder area, thorax, legs, and arms.


Great exercise to stimulate the lumbar area, legs, and arms.

Ananda Balasana

This position is great for massaging the hip area.


This position, for ankles and back muscles.


Tones the body, and builds flexibility and helps get rid of 'stress'. So, let's start drinking ...........( i.e. if not already begun!)

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