Fiery Hot Anus

Fiery Hot Anus

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A delicious recipe for Fiery Hot Anus, with Corona lager, Bacardi 151 rum and Tabasco sauce.
Corona lager
12 oz bottle Corona lager
3 oz Bacardi 151 rum
Tabasco sauce
Pour the Bacardi 151 rum into a freshly opened bottle of Corona lager. Fill to the brim with Tabasco sauce. Serve cold, lime optional. Note: You can also serve this in a cold beer mug.

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Great taste, but the kick comes twice - once with the hot sauce and then later the rum kicks in. Watch out for this one. And the name is accurate ;)
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Make sure to use tobasco!
The Fiery Hot Anus is one of the better mixed drinks that utilize beer, but only if you do it right. Make sure to use tobacco and not another substitute of hot sauce. The vinegar base to tobacco is what gives it the awesome taste. Don’t pull out the hot sauce either. Just Corona and 151 is going to have a less than desirable taste. Other than that, the hot sauce hits hard and fast, so this definitely isn’t a sipper, and you’ll be using the beer to cool off your mouth as quickly as possible. The Bacardi 151 taste is quite distinctive and goes perfectly with Corona.
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A little advise from a little person
This mixed drink recipe is really better served with a lemon on the side instead of in the glass.
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