Acid Bomb

Acid Bomb

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A delicious recipe for Acid Bomb, with Limon rum, Corona Extra lager, lemon and salt.
Bacardi Limon rum
2 - 3 oz Limon rum
1 bottle Corona Extra lager
1 slice lemon
1. Crack open the bottle of Corona Extra and drop the lemon slice inside. 2. Serve a double-shot of Bacardi Limon with the rim of the shot glass layered with margarita salt. 3. Take the double-shot (holding the double shot in your mouth), and fill the rest of your mouth (with the double shot still inside) with Corona Extra. 4. Have a friend (with the mix of Bacardi and Corona in your mouth) shake your head for a solid 3 seconds, on the count of 3 down the mix in one swallow.

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Another great beer bash
Make sure you use enough salt. This is a real tasty mix of beer and rum. This could make a great punch with lots of ice (if you have pre-salted glasses)
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Refreshing and not too sweet
Definitely worth trying. I often get tired of drinks that are so sweet, it no longer has any taste other than the sweetness.

This one is a bit tart and definitely refreshing.
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