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Водка Маруся
OK, I don't drink vodka; a good scotch - definitely, a refreshing beer - without doubt, a nice wine to go with a roast - any day of the week ... but vodka, well you can slosh it liberally in other drink if you want to get drunk but for pleasure???

I always wondered how in its homeland it could be drunk by the pint, well now I know.

A friend brought back a bottle of Водка Маруся (Maroussia Vodka) from Russian this week. Unless you're Russian you wouldn't have heard of this as it is too good that they don't let out of the country. Well this is a very different experience. It is really smooth and has a pleasant, even delicate taste.

Went down (and stayed down) a treat - and we were drinking it for breakfast!

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A vodka I can actually drink!
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only available in Russia
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April 27, 2010
Excellent review - hard for a Scotch drinker to come out of the closet and admit to a tasty alternative...
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