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A great starter scotch for the uneducated

We end every week at work with happy hour, we started with just beer and pizza but have thankfully progressed to better things since then. Most of my colleagues are vodka drinkers (I know - what kind of place am I working at) so when our CEO was passing through duty free and offered to pick up a bottle of something for happy hour I decide it was time to teach them about scotch (educational intentions only).
So which scotch to start with? This was a tricky questions, while personally I'm an Islay fan I wanted to pick something that would go down easily even for a first time whisky drinker. I also didn't want to pick something so expensive that this would be the last bottle our CEO would buy for us.
I thought of Balvenie Doublewood. The double maturing in the two different types of wood (oak whisky and oak sherry) gives Doublewood its very rich and interesting, sweet flavour. At the same time as a Speyside it is very easy going. It was the right choice, I've converted a room of vodka drinkers into a room of people who can now savour good alcohol rather than knocking it back as quickly as possible to avoid the taste. Unfortunately I did too good a job of educating them, anyone going to duty free sometime soon?

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An affordable, easy going, any time of day whisky that relaxes and mellows
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goes too quickly
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