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Booker's 7 yo
Not sure when this was bottled either. Colour: deep gold. Nose: frankly, at such strength, I do not manage to detect any differences with the previous one. With water: they’re different now. This is pretty fruitier, with more coconut and bananas (yet, it’s not rum!) and rather less oak. More honey too. Mouth (neat): once again, little variations. Maybe a little more liquorice than in the ’63.2%’? It’s also a wee tad less ‘green’ but that maybe my imagination. Curry. Wait, some huge liquorice now! With water: sama as the ’63.2%’ at this point – almost. Bags of liquorice allsorts. Finish: long, very liquoricy. Its almost salmiak – without the salt. Comments: these whiskies are obviously similar but this one is a tad rounder and more mellow – although mellow really is the wrong word here. Okay, one extra-point. SGP:561 – 85 points.

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