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January 19, 2021
Absolutely this is a MF!

This really packs a punch!

January 23, 2015
Overall rating
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Within arms reach of Madison Square Garden

They serve Monkey Rum and have great whiskies... great looking waitresses too!

January 22, 2015
Quite an impressive stout

I'm a big fan of stouts. This American stout can hold its own against even the more famous Irish stouts. This one has a smooth taste and a deep flavor. I highly recommend it.

Oak Barrel Stout
February 06, 2014
Bars and Pubs
Good place to be with friends

Not too noisy and a great place to drink with friends. Good selections for happy hour!

January 21, 2014
Bars and Pubs
Friendly and quiet

Friendly and quiet bar in what could otherwise be a place with a lot of noise. Decent selection.

December 12, 2013 (Updated: December 12, 2013)
Sunchaser – The Ale Of Champions. Why Not Have It For Breakfast?

Taste Sunchaser is quite unique, as it seems to have exactly the right balance for a much too drinkable ale. Its sweetness rests around the 3/5 mark and its bitterness is a meagre 1.5/5, which means that the flavour really comes through. Tones of citrus zest come...

October 07, 2013
Better in the Driveway... or on the Beach?

Pretty tasty drink on a hot day... what isn't if it's cold. I would put in a bit extra vodka to cut the sweetness of the schnapps... but that's up to you...

October 07, 2013
Bars and Pubs
Excellent place for events

I've been to several events at this place. Good acoustics for music, plenty of room for event festivities. Excellent place if you have your own event or large group.

August 09, 2013 (Updated: August 09, 2013)
Smokiness without Peat?

I can't say enough about this one... very surprising... and excellent - it's now one of my top bourbons and something I can serve to my snobby "single-malt scotch only, no corn juice" friends...

July 14, 2013
Bars and Pubs
Try the 8.8

Fun place to go as a group with an excellent selection of brews. I personally prefer the 8.8 - strong, but it doesn't overwhelm the taste. Friendly staff - it's just difficult during certain hours to get a table without a reservation - so call ahead.

June 22, 2013
Refreshing, but a bit too sweet

The color of the drink impressed a lot of the guests... and while it was cool and refreshing, I think that the drink is a bit too sweet. What could I expect from a liqueur, flavored vodka and Sprite. All in all, not a bad drink (and definitely impressive looking),...

February 24, 2013
Natural combination...

Refreshing combination of beer and vodka (I also think that even sweeter mixers like tequila would work fine). Give you beer a real kick in can... and don't put too much of the limeaide (or lemonaide) into the cocktail.

February 17, 2013 (Updated: February 17, 2013)
Bars and Pubs
Great wine and food and good music!

A charming place located in the Old Train Station - the place has a laid back atmosphere and if you go on Thursday nights, they usually have music (with cover charge).

February 06, 2013
Cool looking and still hot

The cinnamon whisky really gives this a strong kick... it looks like a weak drink, but watch out.

February 05, 2013
Good to have at a party

I much prefer whisky, but these were great to have at a party - the women really loved these. Drinks of one type or another for everyone!

January 28, 2013
Twist and Stout

Interesting twist on a stout beer taste. The flavor of the Guinness still dominates, but the hint of the anise makes it a bit more interesting.

December 30, 2012
Refreshing and not too sweet

Definitely worth trying. I often get tired of drinks that are so sweet, it no longer has any taste other than the sweetness. This one is a bit tart and definitely refreshing.

December 24, 2012
Bars and Pubs
An American Style Craft Beer - in Tel Aviv

Excellent beers and a lot of fun... good attitude! I haven't yet been to the second location (also in Tel Aviv).

December 16, 2012
An amazing find at a reasonable price

One of the best whiskies I have for the price range. Full flavored with a bit of smoke. I definitely recommend.

September 09, 2012
Tasty - if you like sweet

A bit too sweet for my tastes, but otherwise a really interesting drink. The vodka is hidden with all the other ingredients, so you can't even get a hint for how strong it is.

July 01, 2012
Excellent Rye

Not a Bourbon strictly speaking as it's not made in Kentucky and not from corn. This is an excellent Rye made in Vermont. Definitely one of the best rye whiskeys I've ever tasted and certainly head and shoulders above many that come from Canada.

June 15, 2012
Too sweet of a cocktail for my tastes

Not sure why... but this seems to be a very popular drink. Personally, it's way too sweet for my tastes. If I'm going to have a cocktail (even a virgin drink), I would prefer something that's not overpowering (in terms of sweetness) and goes well with peanuts... ...

June 10, 2012
Woodford Reserve is simply a supior bourbon

Definitely one of the smoother bourbons around. This has a wonderful taste and isn't too heavy with corn. This is clearly a good bourbon for even the most demanding scotch drinkers.

April 29, 2012
Never liked energy mixed drinks, but this is tasty

I usually don't give mixed drinks with Red Bull or any other energy drink good review, but this one happens to be tasty. Any brandy or Cognac is usually better warm, but this drink is good even with a glass full of ice.

April 22, 2012
This tastes like a monster

I'm not sure what all the fuss is today about mixing alcohol and energy drinks like Red Bull. It doesn't keep you sober or make you sober. It makes you a wide awake drunk. Also - I much prefer the taste of straight vodka in mixed drinks....

April 22, 2012
This one is too sweet

I thought that the vodka might reduce the sweetness, but this is too sweet for my taste (maybe that's just me). Just because it's a mixed drink, doesn't mean it has to stick to the roof of your mouth. Personally, I like Grand Marnier and its orange...

April 22, 2012
Interesting... from a whisky drinker

I normally don't go for a lot of sweet mixed drinks, but the Fluffy Duck is a bit different and very refreshing on really hot day. Make sure you don't overdo it on the Creme de Cacao.

January 20, 2012
Probably the Best for the Money

I had recently bought a bottle often skipping over it because it was priced too cheap for a Single Malt. Can't be real, right? Well - think again. This is perhaps the best deal out there. Quite smooth and tasty. I love Speyside Malts... and this is definitely one worth...

November 08, 2011
Bars and Pubs
Excellent Stew... oh, did I mention beer?

We had a business dinner meeting there. Too noisy to talk inside as a big game was on the TV, so we had to eat outside. Not bad as the weather was perfect and the drink selection was fairly broad. Worth stopping in...

October 31, 2011
Great cold...

While not one of the world's best beers, you have to consider the intensely hot climate this beer originated from. On hot days, a Skol can really quench your thirst... but that's pretty much what it's good for...

October 31, 2011
Bars and Pubs
Lot of beers on tap

A great Tel Aviv bar with a vast selection of beers on tap. Definitely worth a visit when looking for your favorite pub in Tel Aviv - close to theatre and pretty much everything else downtown.

October 26, 2011 (Updated: March 27, 2014)
Bars and Pubs
Noisy and crowded...

Searching for the best pub in Zichron Yaakov led me to the Hobbit which is easily the most crowded bar in Zichron (especially after midnight...) - it's not a bad place in the early evenings and the noise level is much lower. To be fair, there is a decent selection...

October 26, 2011
Bars and Pubs
Nothing Irish about it... but still a good bar

Seems like everyone these days wants to call themselves an Irish Pub. This pub in Zichron Yaakov is no different. An Irish Pub? Not really... but to be fair, it is quite a nice place (indoor and outdoor seating) and a decent variety of beer, whisky and other drinks....

October 26, 2011
Bars and Pubs
Hidden away basement bar... nice surprise

An interesting place. I found this bar in Zichron Yaakov while wandering around the center of town. Just a bit off the main path in a basement, the bar is a nice quiet alternative to some of the other noisy bars in Zichron.

October 26, 2011
Bars and Pubs
Decent selection and a good wide screen TV

The Outback is a nice pub in Zichron Yaakov just off the main pedestrian walkway in the center of town. If you're searching for a good bar in Zichron Yaakov, this is worth stopping in...

September 08, 2011
Just got another bottle

Even scotch drinkers have to admit a good bourbon when they taste it.

May 17, 2011
Interesting Cask Strength Taste

A fine whisky with peaty taste - definitely recommend.

June 03, 2010
Bars and Pubs
It's all about selection

When it comes to whiskey, variety/selection is certainly a decisive factor. What else can I say - Norma Jean's is unequaled in the area in terms of a wide selection of scotches and bourbons (not to mention a decent selection of beers). The real issue I have...

May 25, 2010
Better than other Asian beers

It's a light colored beer with a bit of a lemony taste. I recommend this if you are in Taiwan - seems to go well with the food here and costs a lot less than other imported beers.

May 25, 2010
Bars and Pubs
A Hell of a Great Place

Fantastic place. I'm going to write a longer blog article on this pub review... but let's just say that this is one place that shouldn't be missed if you are on this side of the Pacific. Sort of a drinker's paradise (at least by Taiwan standards).

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