Top Brass Vodka

Top Brass Vodka

For over eighteen years, Top Brass Distilleries founder and flavor expert has devoted himself to flavoring the foods that are a part of our lives, creating flavors that range from the white grape juice in your glass to the strawberry ice cream in your bowl. Creating the exciting and the unexpected is the companies founding principal.

Top Brass Distilleries is the first and only flavored spirits brand brought to you by a true flavor expert. The Top Brass brand proudly introduces White Chocolate Almond flavored vodka. Distilled six times, this flavored vodka is the only top shelf spirit to ever achieve a multi-layered depth of flavor.

The elegant White Chocolate Almond flavored vodka achieves the waxy cocoa butter notes of white chocolate, while contrasting them with the nutty, refined flavor of almond.

This 80 proof spirit will surprise and delight you with its exceptional complexity, heady aroma, and velvety texture.

Drink this outstanding top shelf vodka well-chilled and straight-up, or create exceptional cocktails that promise to deliver a truly unique experience to your taste buds.



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