Zing Vodka

Zing Vodka
Zing Vodka
Zing Vodka

ZING Vodka is made in America (Rochester, New York) from a blend of corn and wheat. It is quadruple-distilled in a state-of-the-art column still, after which it is subjected to rigorous filtration to ensure essential purity. The vodka is then bottled at 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume)

If you're tired of austere vodkas without character or personality, ZING Vodka is a refreshing change of pace. ZING Vodka has a discernible set of aromatics. It is a super-premium vodka unparalleled in smoothness.

ZING Red Velvet is exactly what it sounds like - a delicious liquid version of this classic confection. The crystal clear vodka has a lightweight body and a cherry and vanilla nose with light cocoa notes. It immediately bathes the palate with the flavor of red velvet cake plus a welcome 70-proof zing on the finish. ZING Red Velvet embodies the ultimate indulgent drinking experience, combining super premium vodka with the rich taste of red velvet.

The unique bottle design boasts sophisticated LED technology that illuminates the bottle with just one touch. The LED light in the bottle reinforces ZING Vodka's underlying message of excitement and opulence, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. In addition to the LED light embedded at the base of the bottle, ZING's high energy brand is reinforced through its unique hexagonal shaped bottle, which features high end chrome accents. This stand-out design captures attention at restaurants and bars, and adds a wow factor to private events and celebrations.

ZING Vodka is available in a 750mL for both the regular ZING Super Premium Vodka and ZING Red Velvet.


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